Xu Chu

Xu Chu is the personal bodyguard for Cao Cao. He is one of Cao Cao's most trusted and loyal generals and is a character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Xu Chu is often portrayed as a very obese man. Some stories say that he was "as big around as he was tall". He is also depicted as being able to drink a large amount of booze. Xu Chu has a friendship and a rivalry with another one of Cao Cao's bodyguards, Dian Wei. Often shown competing on the battlefield. Although he was a mighty warrior, he was said to be not very smart, thus many gave him the nickname "Tiger Fool". One of the most famous battles he fought in was the Battle of Tong Gate, where the general Ma Chao, swore he would kill Cao Cao. However, Xu Chu stood firm and protected Cao Cao from any harm. Some versions of the story say that he, Dian Wei, and Cao Cao were sworn brothers.