Quiet! We are the Black Sun.
~ Xomit refusing his offer with Maul

Xomit Grunseit was the leader of the Black Sun in the Star Wars universe. Xomit Grunseit led the Black Sun on Mustafar during the Clone Wars. Grunseit and his council were in the conference room when his Captain of the Guard, Ziton Moj entered with Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla and two Sith Lords Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Xomit asked the strangers why they came and Maul explained that he was forming an army and asked him and his syndicate to join them. Grunseit and the council laughed and mocked them and ordered his guards to kill them and take their weapons. Vizsla and Maul overpowered the guards and Xomit ordered them to be silent and said they were the Black Sun. Savage Opress ignited both ends of his saber and hurled his saber at the leaders and killing all of them, Xomit included. After his death Ziton Moj decided to join Maul's Shadow Collective.