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Xion (Bloody Roar)

Xion is a villain of the Bloody Roar series. His beast form is the Unborn. He made his first appearance in Bloody Roar 3.


There is a relic called "The Tabula of the Thousand Beasts". This tablua, once obtained, will bestow all the power of the beast-men to onto one beast-man. The tabula is sealed and protected by a curse. Xion is the only living being who can unseal the tabula and unleash its power. He believes in this power and dreams of becoming an all-powerful being. He has entered the Champions' tournament to show off his power.


  • He is very similar to Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy series:
    • Both are villains with silver hair.
    • Sephiroth's hair is a lot longer than Xion's.
  • He is one the coolest villains in Bloody Roar series.
  • His goal is to be the ultimate being.

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