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Xing and Xang are once the Good and Bad Angels of Lore, Xing and Xang became the Second Lords of Chaos when Drakath got hold of them. As revealed during the Bloodtusk saga, Drakath replaced the good Xang with her Mirror Realm opposite, making both of the Angels evil. They are the only Chaos Lords not to have been fought and defeated.


The 2nd Chaos Lords (Ladies) are the Twins, who, when un-chaotic, one is pure evil and one is pure good, making well-balanced arguments to solve a important person's moral crossroad. When Xang was swapped over with her evil counterpart in the mirror realm, she and Xing became the 1st ladies of chaos. Xing and Xang may be based on yin and yang (chinese mythology).


Notes & Trivia

  • Xing is The First Chaos Lord that is an actual demon the second being Kitsune who is a Yokai and Tibicenas who is a Ghul.
  • The Twins are more powerful than Escherion from what Quibble said.
  • It appears that the twins are Drakath's recruiters, picking up and chaorrupting allies for Drakath.
  • They appeared at the end of the Golden Onslaught War, chaorrupting Maximillian Lionfang.
  • They also appeared shortly after the half-dragon sorceress Nythera defeated the Ice Queen Aisha with chaos magic. They promised to guide her to the right path. *They were later seen checking out the portal to The Void while the players, Nythera, Adak Amaroq, and the other townspeople of Guwio Village are rebuilding the village itself. The twins became interested in the portal.
  • They are nearly the same as Gothy Girl, and Girly Girl except for they are Xing and Xang, not Ying and Yang, also, they look slightly different.
  • They are the first girl Chaos Lords, the second being Kimberly.
  • Technically they were never released. Whilst they appear in numerous cutscenes they have yet to be given an area to destroy in Lore. The last time, they tried to destroy Battleon, but they failed. That was the only main event that they had any hand in.
  • There colors are similar to The Masagami from Kurokami since they are also twins of red and white with some black.
  • Their Lords of Order versions in the Mirror Realm have skirts with stars on their belts and different-colored arms and faces. Xing's Order version has Gothy's face and wears lavender tights and sandals while Xang's Order version has Girly's face and wears beads around her wrists, just like Girly.
  • So far, they are one (two if you count them both separately) of the only Chaos Lords that can't be fought, the other being Krellenos, who was killed by Khasaanda.
  • As revealed in the Bloodtusk Ravine saga, Drakath tore open a portal and replaced the good Xang with the evil Mirror Xang. The Twins are planning to start a war between the Horcs and the Trolls while preparing the Ninth Lord of Chaos, which was soon revealed to be Krellenos (who was later usurped and killed by Khasaanda).
  • Xing and Xang are reference to the Ying Yang symbol. Ying represents the small amount evil in good, and Yang represents the small amount of good in evil. Together they make perfect a balance.
  • The Twins are also a clear reference to the devilish and angelic representations of your conscience that are said to appear on one's shoulder when he or she is in doubt about what to do shown in cartoons and fiction. They have appeared to both the player and to Drakath in a similar manner.
  • Due to the unpredictability of Chaos, The Third Lord of Chaos Vath, the Fourth Lord of Chaos Kitsune, the Fifth Lord of Chaos Wolfwing, the Sixth Lords of Chaos Kimberly, the Seventh Lord of Chaos Ledgermayne, the Eighth Lord of Chaos Tibicenas, the Ninth Lord of Chaos Khasaanda, the Tenth Lord of Chaos Iadoa and the Eleventh Lord of Chaos, Maximillian Lionfang, were released to be battled before Xing and Xang themselves.

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