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We'd better get back, 'cause it'll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night... mostly.
~ Newt, referring to Warriors from Aliens

The Xenomorph Warrior is the main assault faction in the Xenomorph hive. They are slightly larger and stronger than the Xenomorph Drone.



One of the Warrior's main characteristics that differ it from the Drone is their ridged head, whereas the Drone has a smooth head. The Warrior is much larger than the Predator, standing 14–16 feet tall. They are black in color, and can blend into dark areas such as their hive. They are incredibly strong, and their ridged head is strong enough to knock opponents away.

The Warrior is dangerous even in death. If they are hit with a strong physical trauma weapon, they will explode and drench the area with acidic blood. If someone comes into contact with the blood, they will get burned, often fatally. Their tail ends with a large blade, and they can bludgeon and gore threats to their death. They use their claws to climb walls.


The Xenomorph Warrior is shown to be rather intelligent. They have cut power in enemy bases, and can set up traps for enemies. They have also been shown to be aware of their acid blood and can swim in the water like a crocodile, with their arms to their sides swimming by moving their head and body. Unlike their enemies, the Predators, they are not immune to bullets.


The Warriors will usually attack in droves. This makes them very dangerous, especially in the dark since they can blend in and attack from all sides. Even if their opponents are armed, the Warriors are deadly. They also serve to protect the Xenomorph Queen, although the Praetorian will also guard them.


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