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Xavier Chavez is the secondary antagonist in Saw II. Before the events of the movie, he was a drug dealer.

He was portrayed by Franky G.


When he was kidnapped by Jigsaw, he first was to find a key in a pit full of needles, so he pushed one of the others, Amanda, to find the key.

When he failed to pass his task, Xavior became and angry and abandoned the group.

When he returned, he realized that all of the others have the combination to escape on the back of their necks.Intent on getting them all, Xavior murders one of them, Jonas, then hunts the others, leaving one, Allison, to die in her trap so he could get her number.

When only Amanda and Daniel remain, Xavior attempts to kill them both, but not before Amanda points out that he has a number as well. Taking her advice, Xavior cuts off the back of his neck to see his number.

After doing so, Xavior moves in to kill them, but Daniel (who was unconscious the whole time) gets up, grabs a hacksaw, and slices Xavior's throat, killing him.

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