Xandra is anti-hero turned true antagonist of the story plot, Neopets: The Faerie's Ruin. She was responisble for turning the faeries into stone.


Xandra expresses herself as an intelligent, arrogant, and powerful Neopian. She prefers to study without any distractions. She does not like it when someone steals her favorite items. She would chase them and try to eliminate them. In that case, Hanso.

Her relationship with Hanso is spotty but among others is different. She is helpful when trying to solve problems, such as the faeries turning into stone.

After obtaining the artifact, she is powerful and would eliminate anyone who interferes.


Xandra is speckeld Xweetok in the Neopets universe. Her hair is like blue-greenish color and her eyes are black (iris) and yellow (sclera). She wears a purple robe where the sleeves dangle and carries a cape. She would normally wear glasses but not that much if she's not reading. She carries a bag on right side and it is unknown what she has in the bag and carries a book on the left side. She also wears brown boots.

The Faerie's Ruin


Xandra was first introduced in as an anti-hero. King Altador comes into Xandra's place and finds her and the Ogrin Master researching. King Altador asks Xandra for help to figure out what caused the faeries to be statues. While having a conversation, Xandra spots Hanso leaving the scene with an important item in his hands. Xandra wants to destroy Hanso for the thefts he committed, but spared him and let him explain his occurrence with Hubrid Nox.

After explaining the story, King Jazan, King Altador, Ogrin Master, Xandra, Brynn, and last but not least Hanso, search for Nox.


  • According to one of the Twisted Histories Capsules, in an alternate timeline, she succeeded by murdereing both Hanso and Brynn and managed to keep Faerieland afloat.