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Xanatos is a character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He is a former Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn who later became a Dark Jedi, and is also the father of Granta Omega.

During the final trial that would have made him a Jedi Knight, Xanatos was corrupted by the mind and power of his father. After he witnessed his sister Nason's death in a riot and Crion's death at the hands of his former master Jinn, he became a Dark Jedi and the head of a mining facility on his homeworld of Telos IV.

Nine years later, Xanatos fought Jinn and his new pupil, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on Bandomeer. Later, he planned to bring the Jedi Temple into ruins, but the two Jedi put a stop to that at once. After one final humiliation that nearly placed him at the hands of Telosian authorities, Xanatos committed suicide by leaping into a pool of acid.

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