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Kamui (Siter Skain) Stage 6 (Final boss)06:39

Kamui (Siter Skain) Stage 6 (Final boss)

Xaffiquel is the main antagonist of the doujin shoot 'em up Kamui, which is chronologically the third and final installment of the Tale of Alltynex trilogy.


He is the father of Alice de Panafill, the protagonist of Kamui. Once a brilliant scientist, he is driven insane by an ironic twist involving his daughter being implanted in one of the Kamui fighters, declaring war on all of humanity. He transfers himself to the Adjudicator and reactivates the computer ALLTYNEX to aid him, but ALLTYNEX turns against him and locks him down, using everything at its will to destroy the Earth. The lone Kamui fighter left unscathed by ALLTYNEX's attack, piloted by Alice, flies off and battles ALLTYNEX's forces, eventually destroying the computer for good. She eventually destroys Adjudicator in an emotional final battle, putting her father out of his misery and saving humanity.

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