Xacalite and his fleet

I am Xacalite, emperor of the universe. You cannot destroy me as long as I have Gloire!
~ Xacalite

Xacalite (also called Zakalite on some translations), is the main villain from the first two Silpheed games.


Silpheed: The first Dogfighter

Xacalite is the leader of a group of interplanetary terrorists, whose goal is to destroy the Milky Way Union (an organization created for the colonization of space) and eventually conquer the universe. He have succesfully stolen the space battleship Gloire, building an armada to attack the main base of the Union, where an arsenal of planet-destroying missiles are stored. The super-computer YGGDRASIL receive a distress call from the base, which is under attack, and gives an order to send the Super Air Fighter SA-08 Silpheed to counter-attack Xacalite's forces and destroy Gloire. Silpheed succeeds on it's mission and destroys Gloire, but Xacalite is nowhere to be found.

Silpheed (Sega CD)

The Grayzon System, the central computer that controls Earth's galaxy network, gets hijacked, ordering a unmanned space force fleet to attack the colony planets. The leader of the terrorist group responsible for the attack introduces himself as Zakalite. The Union immediately assembles a strike force, complete with the newly developed SA-77 Silpheed, to travel to the Solar System and destroy Zakalite's forces. After traveling 64 light-years while fending off the enemy force, the Union successfully defeats Zakalite, who is presumed to have died in the battle.