Xabaras is the main villain in the Italian horror comic book Dylan Dog as well as being Dylan's father.


Although he has appeared fairly seldom, he was Dylan's first and greatest enemy, starting from number one, "The Dawn of the Living Dead". His name is the anagram of that of the demon Axabras. A biologist on a quest for the serum of immortality, he is the one who awakens the dead and transforms them into zombies. In the fantasy and dream-like dimension of Nr. 100, "Dylan Dog's Story", readers discover that he is the "obscure half" of Dylan's father, which got separated from the good half (which has been relegated into another dimension) after Xabaras actually tested his serum on himself. Dylan was originally born in 1686 and after his father was diveded into two beings the evil side left him in an orfanege where he was then transported 300 years into the future by the demon from wich his father took the serum. When Xabaras return to take Dylan back he to was catapultated in the future. In the end the evil side and the good side where reunited into Dylan Dog's original father.