XV is the primary antagonist of the first few Xionic Madness films. It is a mysterious extra-terrestrial lifeform that was discovered by BIO INT.


When Bolverk Squad traversed deeper into the BIO INT building they encountered several people who XV had infected with his virus. While they were able to kill them, several of the infected beings managed to kill Askad.

He appeared at the end of Xionic Madness 1 to confront Bolverk Squad. He battled Omega while Xero and Kary-08 went to plant the N8 to blow up BIO INT's headquarters.

Omega activated his Overdrive armor. As the fight went on, XV became more and more human looking, eventually looking almost similar to Omega. However, because XV had copied Omega, the cyborg was able to kill him stabbing him with his loner, causing him to explode.

However, Omega did not walk away from his fight unscathed. Unbeknownst to him, XV had infected him with its virus.

XV later returned after Omega was killed by Kareleinne-08. Omega's death allowed XV to possess his corpse. XV then attacked and brutally beat Kary-08, though the android killed herself before XV could finish her off. After Kary died, XV turned its attention to Xero and attacked him. However, Omega was able regain control of his body, and allowed Xero to kill him to finish off XV.

Yet again, a bit of the XV virus infected Xero. Later, as an old man, Xero's body began to decay increasingly as a result of the XV virus. Xero would later die fighting against an entire army of soldiers resembling the Vorpal Soldiers employed by MBORF, presumably taking the last of the XV virus with it.



  • XV is the only non-human or robotic character in the series.