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A yellow four arm, Meltdown-like villain that escaped during the Breakout and joined forces with Legion of Darkness.

Say goodbye, amigo.


Original a simple working XT serie Drone, when Black Phantom reprogrammed him into a evil bot of mayhem.

After the escaped, he went back to his homeworld, Mecha and  Julius Nex is assigned to arrested him.

Abillties and Traits

XT4 has four arms allowing him to use many of his weapons.


He wield two striking blades, slicing saw blades and laser cutter with pincers.


  • Reprogrammed by Black Phantom as a rogue drone of villainy.
  • XT4 is very unpopular to other villains, calling him "pink eye" behind his back.
  • The first manufactured robot to join Black Phantom 's team and newest member of Legion of Darkness.
  • The 2nd drone repurpose for evil, the 1rst is The giant Silver Drone.
  • XT4's name means "Extra Tough with 4 arms." 

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