XL Terrestrial

XL Terrestrial.

XL Terrestrial is a villain from the Teen Titans media. He is a villain that resembles an alien and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

XL Terrestrial is a villain who studied at the H.I.V.E. Academy under the tutelage of Brother Blood. When the academy was destroyed, XL Terrestrial went freelance and became a renegade villain.

Some time later, XL Terrestrial was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. He was sent to take down Aqualad's friend Tramm. Tramm managed to escape, but was beaten with Aqualad by Trident and Plasmus. During the final battle with the Teen Titans at the Brotherhood's base, XL Terrestrial was defeated by Raven and Starfire who combined their energies into a whirling cone, which knocked him to the ground, and ended up being flash-frozen with the rest of the villains.

XL Terrestrial has the power to grow to a size of approximately 20 feet by touching the arrow on his chest, increasing his physical strength. He also seems to have the ability to breathe underwater and resist the cold and pressure in the sea.