The X. Project is a robotic clone of Xero to replace him in Bolverk Squad. It was designed by MBORF to follow orders without question, never speaking or feeling emotions. Since Omega had stolen the Cervical armor, the O. Project was equipped with the Overdrive armor.

History Edit

Once MBORF had obtained sufficient data from Xero's battle with their soldiers, the Overseer ordered the X. Project to be sent out to kill Xero.

The X. Project initially had the upper hand in the battle, being able to shrug off almost every attack Xero threw at it. However Omega realized that the robots had not collected data on their Longinus knives and ordered Xero to use his against the robot. Xero and the X. Project clashed a few more times until Xero stabbed it with his Longinus Knife, making it explode and obliterate most of the city.

Ablities and Equipment Edit

The X. Project's skill in swordfighting appeared to equal Xero's, as it was able to fight evenly with the cyborg. It also possessed incredible invulnerability, being able to take multiple slashes from Xero and still keep fighting to its full capacity.


  • Joy (Colt)
  • Terminator
  • Ballistica
  • Armadillo
  • Longinus Knife