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What the hell are you?
~ Wolverine to X-24.
Showtime, Boy!
~ Donald Pierce's releases X-24 during the final fight

X-24 is a major antagonist in the 2017 Marvel superhero film Logan. He is a clone of James "Logan" Howlett, or the Wolverine, under control of Dr. Zander Rice.

As with Logan/Wolverine, he was portrayed by Hugh Jackman, who also played Keller Dover in Prisoners, Vincent Moore from Chappie, and Blackbeard in Pan.


After Essex Corp's Project Transigen was considered a failure because the X-23 children refused to kill, Dr. Zander Rice began working on a new project, a clone of Wolverine with no emotions or free will.

After Logan, Xavier, and Laura escape the Reavers at the hotel, Rice decides to send X-24 after them. While staying at the Munsons', X-24 goes upstairs, and fatally stabs Xavier with his claws. When the Munsons try to intervene, he kills them, as well, before taking Laura out of the house. As he's bringing her to Rice, however, Jackson and his thugs show up, and mistaking him for Logan, offer to buy him off. When he doesn't speak, they pick a fight, only to end up slaughtered.

After Xavier dies, Logan tries to fight X-24, but is outmatched by the younger clone, and is only saved at the last minute by the dying Will Munson.

The next day, Rice helps to heal X-24's injuries, and brings him along when he and the Reavers catch up to Laura and the other X-23 children. After Logan kills him, X-24 goes berserk, and during the ensuing fight, fatally impales Logan on a fallen tree's branches. However, he doesn't live long enough to see Logan die, as Laura kills him with the same adamantium bullet that Logan had planned to commit suicide with.


Genetically engineered as a killing machine, X-24 had a barbaric and feral mindset like an attack dog he would only listen to and or kill whoever his creator, Zander Rice would command. Little more than a savage animal, he embodied what Logan would have been if he had less control, had he not become an X-Man. Gabriela Lopez described X-24 as something "without a soul".

However, despite X-24's seemingly mindless and primitive nature, he displayed some level of thought outside of Rice. For example, he savagely murdered the Munson family and Jackson's gang when they attacked him despite Rice's commands for him to stop. When Logan killed Rice, X-24 appeared enraged at the sight of Rice's corpse, stemming either from his absolute loyalty to Rice or possibly having looked at Rice like a father-figure, and began behaving more savagely and rage-driven, thrashing Logan around more brutally before delivering the killing blow. This implies him to be a more sadistic killer than a simple mindless lapdog.





  • He is the final antagonist of the film, and was the last villain as well as the second to last character to die in the movie.
  • X-24 was created for the movie but he is most similar to Albert, a robot doppelganger of Wolverine from the comics. Albert was created by Donald Pierce. However, Wolverine defeats Albert.
  • X-24 never speaks, only making grunting sounds and yelling, as he was in a constant feral and mindless state.
  • The battle between X-24 and Wolverine is symbolic because Wolverine is literally fighting his worst inner demon, which is a version of him full of rage, bloodlust and hate, as well as the mindless killing machine that he could have become.


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