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Wynnchel & Duncan

Wynnchel and Duncan

Wynnchel and Duncan are King Candy's two henchmen who are a part of the official Security Team of the arcade videogame Sugar Rush. Neither of them are very bright, but nevertheless, they still try to keep order within Sugar Rush


Wynnchel and Duncan are King Candy's muscle, ensuring order in the Sugar Rush community. One can never being mad at them mad or their frosting might melt. These two are the official security team for Sugar Rush. They appear to be donuts in police officer garb.

After King Candy's demise ended with his tyrannical rule and the Cy-Bug invasion was over, Vanellope von Schweets finally won the race and suddenly, the arcade game has reset and return to its original progamming, thus everyone in her world regained their memories and remembered Vanellope as Princess Vanellope, their true and rightful ruler.


Wynnchel is a tall and slender éclair, with golden-brown coating and darker brown glaze down his front. He wears a police hat and badge, black gloves and boots, and utility belt. He also has a red coloured nose drooping down.

Duncan is a short and stocky ring-shaped donut, with golden-brown coating and white frosting down his front. He has a sprinkle mustache, and wears a police hat and badge, black gloves and boots, and utility belt.


Though neither of them are very bright, it is nevertheless their task to keep order within Sugar Rush, which includes keeping intruders out of their game. Both Wynnchel and Duncan appear to value their jobs greatly, evidenced by their dedication in pursuing Ralph and Vanellope in the film, as well as stopping speeders in the tie-in comic 'The Donut Kart'.

However, they are clearly inept at upholding the law, being both cowardly and simple-minded. They don't hold back on harassing Ralph when he is trapped in a cupcake, suggesting they are quick to violence and overzealous in their duties; the film and other media also depicts them as hot-headed. By being associated with King Candy, they also represent the stereotype of corrupt police officers.



  • They are both voiced by Adam Carrola and Horatio Sanz.
  • Wynnchel is based off of Winchell's Donuts and Duncan is too based off of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Their badges read "To Heat And Serve", which parodies the police motto "To Protect And Serve".
  • In the second official trailer for the film, Wynchel and Duncan are seen beating Wreck-It Ralph (covered in taffy) with their batons.

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