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The Wyatt Family. Luke Harper (left), Bray Watt (middle), and Erick Rowan (right).

The Wyatt Family is a villanious stable that appears in the WWE.


Bray Wyatt

The leader of the Wyatt Family. He commonly arrives in the ring (while the lights are off) and carries a lanturn and blows it out. He then sits on a rocking chair while he usually watches the match as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan beat down their opponents. After they have won the match, Bray Wyatt then enters the ring and hits the opponent with his finisher called "Sister Abigail". It should also be noted thay Bray Wyatt is formerly Husky Harris, who was a member of the Nexus.

Luke Harper

One of the powerhouses of the Wyatt Family. Luke Harper is the speed of the group and takes his opponents down with a spinning clothesline (also known as the Discus Clothesline).

Erick Rowan the White Sheep

Another powerhouse of the Wyatt Family. He enters the ring wearing a white plastic goat mask. Rowan usually finishes his opponents off with a running Splash.

Braun Strowman the Black Sheep


Debuted 24 August 2015 destroying Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He wears a plastic goat mask like Rowan did but it is black instead of white.

His name was eventually revealed to be Braun Strowman.

Bray Wyatt introduces Braun Strowman to the world Raw, Aug01:33

Bray Wyatt introduces Braun Strowman to the world Raw, Aug. 24, 2015


The Wyatt Family were first seen on NXT where they pretty much dominated the competion. As they were about to debut on RAW, several creepy promos were cut.

The Wyatt Family after beating down Kane.

The Wyatt Family debuted on RAW where they attacked Kane after a match which automatically makes them a heel group (many people thought they were going to be a face stable to fight against The Shield). The Wyatt Family will continue their feud with Kane with Bray Wyatt defeating Kane. The Wyatt Family are commonly used to help beat down jobbering superstars to show off their power.

Eventually, the Wyatt Family started to target more bigger superstars such as The Miz and Kofi Kingston and have defeated them in matches. The Wyatt Family would lose to The Usos thanks to The Miz and they ended up beating down Miz and locks him backstage. During an episode of RAW, the Wyatt Family viciously attacked Daniel Bryan after he put the Yes! Lock onto Shawn Michaels. They came out later and even attacked CM Punk after his Street Fight match with Ryback.


Before the Wyatt Family enter the ring, the screen cuts off and the lights in the arena turn off. Bray Wyatt then lights a lanturn and says "We're here" before slowly walking toward the ring. As they almost reach the right. Bray sits down and blows out the lanturn and Harper and Rowan are suddenly in the ring. Their theme music is called "Live in Fear".

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