General Wulfia is a major antagonist of the historical live-action full film The Last Legion. He is a general affiliated with the barbarians, and is obsessive with massacre and honor. After the death of his leader King Vortgyn, he was the only one to not retreat and finish his work, however, he got stabbed by Romulus.


He convinced Odoacer to kill Romulus in the same spot and in this time, however, Odoacer cut his finger off, and sent him to be Romulus's prison guard, while imprisoning Romulus temporarily so hope will be lost. However, Romulus's protectors came to the rescue, and Wulfia failed his mission. Later, he went to a meeting with his leader and mentor King Vortgyn, and reported his duty, requesting Romulus and Aurelius to be his. However, King Vortgyn decided to kill them by himself, thus imprisoning Romulus, and giving him the honor of killing him. Then, he went to battle, in front of all the other barbarian soldiers, and behind King Vortgyn. After they lost the battle, Vortgyn died and the barbarians retreated with no leader, he was the only one to not feel insecure, and revenge Aurelius, thus beating him up, and stabbing him with the Caesar's sword. However, he got stabbed by Romulus, as he died in disgrace.


Evil and vicious, like the other barbarians. Though not being a bigger threat than King Vortgyn, he is equally sadistic, as he was the only soldier to fight till the end and pay the worst price of all. He is also very loyal to his leader, however, as honor influences him, he wants Romulus to himself, and dead immediately.