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You think you can take me, dog? You? A pampered mongrel who cannot hunt for himself and has to rely on humans?
~ Wretch to Max in The Vanishing, page 22
Wretch is a very thin male wolf with a furry head, a long thick snout that is crisscrossed with scars, matted white fur, stained yellow teeth, black gums, and pale blue eyes. He is an antagonist in the book series The Last Dogs by Christopher Holt.


The Vanishing

Wretch tries to get inside the clinic by trying to go through a cat door. Seeing Max he threatens him into giving him kibble. Max makes fun of Wretch, who gets angry and suddenly is out of the cat door and attacks Max. Rocky comes and knocks over a gumball machine injuring Wretch, who retreats.


  • He may be the Beta of his pack.
  • It's assumed that he was one of the wolves who was killed in the fight with the Corporation dogs.

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