Wrath was the identity of two supervillains who battled Batman and Robin.


First Wrath

The first Wrath's true identity is unknown, though his origins were revealed. His parents were two burglars who made a living as thieves. They were gunned down by rookie police officer Jim Gordan. Since then Wrath planned to seek revenge on all law enforcement for their murders. Growing up, he travelled the world as an assassin for hire and fell in love with the daughter of a mafia boss. There relationship ended when he was hired to kill her father. He returned to Gotham city in a costume similar to Batman's and even had his own version of Robin, who was called Scorn. Wrath attempted to kill Jim Gordan in retaliation for his parent's deaths but Batman intervenes. Wrath learns Batman's secret identity and used it to harm his loved ones. He hospitalized Alfred Pennyworth and took Leslie Tompkins hostage. During their fight, Wrath is killed.

Elliot Caldwell

Wrath II
Elliot was one of five orphans kidnapped by the first Wrath and trained to be his own version of Robin. Elliot was the only one to survive the training and became his sidekick Scorn. After the initial Wrath was killed, Elliot took up the identity of Wrath. He attacks several police officers in their homes, until he battled the team of Batman and Nightwing. After witnessing how much they cared for each other he realized his former mentor never really cared about him. After being sent to prison he decides to continue being Wrath, believing he was purged of his "emotional weakness".

Television History


Wrath and Scorn in The Batman

A different version of Wrath and Scorn appeared in The Batman. William Mallory (Wrath) and Andrew Mallory (Scorn) were the children of jewel thieves. After their parents were killed by police officers they became dedicated to protecting criminals. Being wealthy from their parents stolen fortune, they met Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, befriending them in order to access Wayne Industries technology. They protected Penguin, Killer Croc, Vetriloquist & Scarface, and the Joker. After helping them pull a massive heist together, Batman fights Wrath and they realize that they know who their secret identities are. Wrath and Scorn use this knowledge to break into the Batcave and fight Batman and Robin. They are defeated and Wrath threatens to reveal Bruce's secret identity. However Joker sprays him and Scorn with Joker Gas to kill them, not wanting his own fun with Batman to end.

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