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Wrath-Amon is a powerful wizard and the main villain of Conan the Adventurer.

Wrath-Amon was the leader of the Snake Cult, which consisted of Serpent Men, humanoid snakes who served the evil detity, Set...but it wasn't always so. Wrath-Amon was originally a giant gila monster who was turned into a serpent man by his predecessor, Ram-Amon, as a more competant servent. So not surprisingly, Wrath-Amon turned on Ram-Amon, stole Ram-Amon's black ring of power and took over the Snake Cult, proving to be twice as evil as his "father".

Wrath-Amon made his presence known to Conan when he turned Conan's parents and grandfather to stone, and the two became bitter enemies, with the young warrior vowing to defeat Wrath-Amon and break the spell. Wrath-Amon's goals in the series were to destroy Conan and his team, gather their star metal weapons, and use them to free Set from the Abyss; ironically, star metal was also a threat to the Snake Cult, as it could not only disrupt the spell that gave them human form, but it could also send them back to the Abyss. Wrath-Amon accomplishes his goals in the three part series finale, but is defeated when Conan destroys the black ring, freeing his parents, and reverting Wrath-Amon to his original form.

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