The Wraiths (Rapture-Palooza)

The Wraiths

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Wraiths are undead beings with seemingly pointy ears and all-pale skin and sharp teeth that has risen from beyond the grave during the apocalypse and they are one of villains of the 2013 apocalyptic fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (originalaly titled Ecstasy). Some of these demonic zombie-like cannibals (particularly those who are unemployed and homeless) became drug addicts or dealers during the reign of "The Beast" while other Wraiths (particulary those who recently had jobs and became rich) soon made deals with him and served under him and his elite bodyguards known as the Beastly Guards.

The Wraiths came from Hell and upon the Earth about a year ago as one of the certain or unusual signs of the apocalypse after the Rapture happened. They were a nightmare come to life. They were everywhere as they cause so much chaos and death in their wake. Soon later, during their time within the mortal world, they immediately began behaving regular humans (even pot-smoking stoners), yet they did not lose their demonic characteristics.