Wraiths Chaos!

The Wraiths

The Wraiths were an army of nonsentient beings from Chaos! Comics.


Whether the Wraiths were native inhabitants of the Netherworld or Creations of The Trinity of EVil  is never revealed. It is, however, made clear that they are well known by the peoples of hell, and recognized by most as the inhabitants of the neverworld. 

Invasion of Hell

Several Wraiths accompanied Zaphora  when she went to take control of Cyr' s tower. When teh Trinity of EVil finally came into Hell in order to invade, the Wraiths came int by the millions, making a virtual sea off Rampaging Reptillian Flesh. They seemed to be, on average, approximately as powerful as average demons, but Hell's more powerful deamons gave them some amount of hope against the invading army. 

Several Wariths roade Dragons into Cyr's tower when Apolyon was released from his prison and created a Hellquake, but all were killed by either the mad angel or Cremator . The Wraiths ravaged several parts of Hell, completely turning the normal order on its head (on soem levels, damned Souls managed to conquer their tormentors), before the Archdukes of Hell gathered togetehr to fight them head-on, even while the Trinity and Apolyon fought in the sky. After the Trinity was killed, the Wraiths were all killed or instinctively returned to teh netherworld.