The Wormonger

Wormonger is a titanic worm monster that roams the tropical Treepidation area in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. At day it goes out its tunnel in a set path, when this happens all monsters will run for cover. At night it can be found sleeping in one of the caves and it is possible to enter its stomach. Like all giant monsters it's not recommended to fight it until much later in the game, preferably after the main story is completed because that's when it can be recruited. Its stomach contains a parasite, called a Hyper Heyedra which is the one that makes him rampage more than usual. Once the main story is finished, the player can access its den at nighttime and fight it to recruit it.  It is one of the monsters needed to synthesize the powerful Orochi.

Its name is a portmanteau on the words "worm" and "warmonger".