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Dimension Magic Stone

The Magic Stone containing this world.

The World within the Magic Stone, also more simply referred to as the World of Monsters, is a world of no riders that appeared in Kamen Rider Wizard's episodes 52-53. This world is ruled by Amadum.


Wizard MonsterInvasion Episode52

Monster Invasion

Unlike other worlds, The World of Monsters serves as a sort of afterlife for defeated monsters such as Gurongi and the Fangires. When a monster is defeated by the Kamen Riders, its soul goes into this world. There are also certain Magic Stones in the Main Universe that act like portals to this world.

There, the monsters can transform into a human form as well. The other residents of this world also transform into monsters at a certain age in childhood. However some are rejects and live as normal humans.

This world is mistakely dubbed by Kamen Rider Decade as the World of Wizard in his first appearance in the episode The Kamen Rider Rings.


After the defeat of Gremlin at an unknown period of time, Haruto Soma is pulled into this world through a magic stone. An earlier version of Kosuke Nitoh, which hasn't yet released Chimera, was also pulled in this world after defeating some Ghouls. Kouta Kazuraba was also pulled into this world when he heard the children crying for help, however after finishing off the monsters as Gaim, he is able to return to his world before the portal closes.


The inhabitants of this world are all the Monsters that have been defeated in the past.


Strongest Kaijin



Mirror Monsters











  • Haruto
  • Koyomi
  • Rinko
  • Shunpei
  • Wajima
  • Old woman
  • Old man


  • The World of Monsters is similar to the Monster Graveyard in the Ultraman series, as both serve as a place for the souls and eventual reincarnation of enemy monsters in their respective franchises.
    • It is also similar to the Deboth Hellfrom Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Wizard's second Super Hero Time partner, where the souls of Deboth Army members end up after being destroyed.
  • It is unknown how Undeads have wound up in this world, as they have true immortality and can only be permanently dealt with by being trapped in Rouze Cards. It is most likely these Undead are from the World of Blade that were destroyed by Decade's power.
  • Similarly, there should be no Dopants or Zodiarts, as users (who vary in being truly evil or misguided then redeemed) of Museum Gaia Memories and Zodiarts Switch revert to human form when defeated. This may be because, in these cases, the monster form itself was sent into this world, instead of it's users.
  • For some reason, Alternative Zero serves as a monster, instead of a Rider. It is possible that he is the World of Negatives version, as most humans in that world were similarly monsters who took on human form.
  • It is possible that, due to the cast of Kamen Rider Wizard being here, this world is the A.R. World of Kamen Rider Wizard, similar to how the other Heisei Kamen Riders had A.R. Worlds with some differences.
  • Despite its name, this world is not actually within the stone, but the Magic Stone acts as a portal to this sub-dimension.
  • Since only Heisei-era monsters have been present, it is unknown if Showa-era monsters are also present. It is most likely that they also reside here and were not shown.

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