The WWW ("World Three") is an evil organization that makes reoccurring appearances throughout the Mega Man Battle Network series, and they are formed and led by Lord Wily to take over the real world and cyberworld. They are constantly met with defiance from Lan Hikari and MegaMan.

Initially trying to conquer the internet by constructing the Life Virus, Wily was forced to disband WWW's members and go into hiding after Lan and MegaMan foiled his plans. A former WWW member, the Professor, would resurrect the Life Virus as Life Virus R, while his servants spread the Zero Virus.

Wily and WWW eventually resurfaced, aiming to steal the Tetra Codes, which would allow them to gain access to the SciLab network and claim the Alpha network program, which had gone haywire years prior, causing devices connected to it to malfunction. Attempting to synchronize with Alpha once it was finally obtained, Wily was absorbed into its body along with Bass, though his consciousness was retrieved following the incident. It was revealed that Wily was manipulating Net Mafia Gospel's leader, Sean Obihiro, behind the scenes in order to create a proper Bass copy to break the protection program on Alpha, though this failed, becoming the Gospel Multibug  Organism. Wily succeeded in recruiting the real Bass instead.

The WWW was revived one final time at the series' end, with Wily's goal being destruction of both worlds with the aid of giant Copybot versions of the Cybeasts, Gregar and Falzar. Members of the WWW in this game were divided into two factions later in the game: one loyal to Lord Wily (Bayrl and Joe Mach), and the other opposed to how Baryl led the organization, wanting to gain the Cybeasts for their own criminal purposes. The latter faction was funded by Mayor Cain, who was somehow linked to the Cybeasts' incident.


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