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The World Liberation Army is a global communist, terrorist organization and is a group of secondary main antagonists in Modern Comabt 5: Blackout. In the game, they are a global terroristic faction and they are the most advanced and dangerous group in the world being highly well trained and using multiple terror tactics including cyberterrorism.


The World Liberation Army first appeared in the introduction level where they are shown attacking Venice, Italy where they layed seize to the city however it was only a coverup so Gilman Security could go in and save the day. The WLA is an international terrorist organization that seeks to bring capitalism to its knees and launches multiple attacks. They are highly armed and well trained and use their skills and resources to attack developed countries and nations that use capitalism as their main economic system (most countries in the world). They were founded and led by Everett Saunders who wanted to show the "true meaning of terror" and used the WLA as a pawn for his plans. After the game it is unknown of the organization's status.


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