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Tak woody

The Woodies are the main enemies of Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams.


These wooden bad guys are made of wood, bits of vine, and are animated by magic. The smallest and weakest of these, are the Woodie Tribesmen. They are the size of Tak, had two downpointing horns, and have a spear. These Woodies tend to be in large groups to attack. Woodie Shaman are the second strongest Woodies. They are taller and have a large head, and they hold a long staff. These Shaman will not always attack, as they can resurrect any Woody.

They typically are alone, or occasionally in a pair. The biggest and strongest Woodies are the Woodie Warriors. They are massive beings, made out of a large tree trunk. They carry a large flail, which they will twirl around, and pound into the ground. When their flail hits the ground, it will get stuck, leaving the Warriors open. They are almost always alone.


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