We found you Zelena, in a basket, your mother wanted to keep you, she was emoured by your beauty. But I knew there was something else. YOUR WICKEDNESS!
~ The Woodcutter to Zelena about her origins before she turned evil
Your right, it won't. I'm going to give you the punishment you've always deserved! Your mother isn't here to protect you anymore.
~ The Woodcutter to Zelena, still a young child, after she promises not to use magic again after using it to stack firewood.

The Woodcutter is a character native to Oz and Zelena's adoptive father. He believes all magic, regardless of what it is used for, is simply "wicked" in nature and hates/fears anyone that wields it as a result, even his adoptive daughter. His abuse to Zelena and constantly calling her "wicked" helped jumpstart her becoming the Wicked Witch of the West.


The woodcutter and his wife are walking down the Yellow Brick road to the Emerald city as they notice a cyclone drop a baby in-front of them. They both admire the baby's beauty but notices the baby use magic to move a falling brach away from hitting them. Despite that the baby saved their lives he is still scared of the child's power but his wife insists on keeping her. They name her "Zelena" and his wife proclaims that she will be the happiest child in all of Oz.

Even after living with the child for some years he still doesn't get over the child's power, especially since she has a difficult time controlling them. She urges him to let her learn how but he is afraid of people finding out about her (possibly on how it would look for him). He eventually turns to drinking and becomes a violent drunk in the process, threatening Zelena when she uses her power forcing his wife to defend Zelena from him. Eventually his wife dies when Zelena is still young, though he still hates Zelena, is obligated to continue raising her for his wifes sake.

He sends Zelena outside to stack firewood, he notices her doing it magically and scolds her for using her "wicked" magic and asks what would have happened if anyone saw her. A scared Zelena promises it wont happen again he decides to whip her as punishment. Before he can, he is frozen magically by another witch who takes Zelena back home with her to help her injured daughter. Though she eventually erases Zelena's memory and sands her back to him.

When Zelena is a grown woman, he has degenerated into needing his daughter to shave him and seems relient on her, but his attitude towards her remains unchanged. While shaving he harps on her to conceal any emotions inside and "put on a good face." She accidentally cuts him and summons a rag to wipe the blood, Zelena appologizes that she cant control it and asks why he doesnt let her learn how, he responds that then everyone would know what she is and calls her "Wicked." He then reveals to Zelena that she is not his biological daughter and tells her than she is the reason he turned to drinking, driving Zelena to tears. He Orders Zelena to make him breakfast but Zelena decides to leave instead. He curiously asks where she is going and responds that she is going to see the wizard of Oz to find a family that actually wants her.

It is unknown what happened to him after that. Whether Zelena sent him to death after usurping Oz or left him alone is unknown.


  • Despite their mutual hatred, Zelena still views him as her father and doesn't even seems to know/care who her biological one is.
  • Despite living in a land run by a wizard, he still hates magic and thinks people would react badly to it for unknown reasons.
  • He seems to be vain as he always tells Zelena "put on a good face.", a stretch that he conveyed to his daughter in the end.