Wonky is an absent-minded member of the Fancy Feast Council. He serves as an antagonist, and later hero, in the YouTube series Politicats.

He is also apparently the son of the Grey Cat.


Wonky appears several times with the rest of the Fancy Feast Council, making comments on what's currently happening.

He is later given the task of controlling Mittens 2.0 during the presidential debate. When Mittens starts to lose the debate, Grey Cat yells at Wonky to do something. Wonky responds by pressing a button that causes Mittens's rockets to activate, making the robot fly out of the debate.

For his screw-up, Wonky gets kicked out of the council by Grey Cat. Wonky tries pleading with his dad to stay in, but to no avail.

Wonky later finds a Schrodinger's box resembling a TARDIS from Doctor who, and is disappointed when it doesn't take him anywhere. He also meets a dog dressed as a wizard holding a sign, and the two quickly become friends. The pair then gets in the box and disappears in a flash of bright light.

They emerge from a wormhole in space and pass by the Fancy Feast Council, who are leaving the planet, and the Dog Wizard shouts to the council that they're going the wrong way.

Wonky and his dog friend later make it back to Earth, which is in a state of total, all-out war. Wonky gives a speech telling the cats to be friends, prompting them to stop fighting. The Dog Wizard then throws his sign in the air and it transforms into a boombox, with blairs techno music and turns the war into a dubstep war.

Wonky is last seen flying away with his Dog Wizard friend in the TARDIS box.