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Your wife does not know anything right?
~ Woman

The Woman is the main antagonist of one of the most famous novels of romance and drama within the own universe of Date A Live. She was a typical female villain in a novel which depicted the reality instead of fantasy, she is a thief who wants sex and pleasure, but she enjoys more money than men she considers them stupid and simple as just simple objects that will do what she wants.

Date A Live Soap Opera

During the novel that occurred within the own anime, the woman acted as the main antagonist that was the biggest disgrace in the life of a couple, within the novel she was interested by the husband of the main protagonist of the story, right after she gets interested in him she tried to seduce him with her charms of hot woman to make him fall for her and manipulates him according to her wishes.

She was succeeded in making him fall for her, in secret, the husband had relations with her, and in accordance with the time passing, the woman got total control over him, several times she tried to tell him that he should leave his family and get away with her, after him gather all his money and run away with the woman, she tried to kill the husband with a firearm when they were on a cliff with a vision to sunset, after the wife knowing of her plans, she immediately ran over to them and prevented the crime scene, did not take long for the police to arrive and arrest her for attempted murder, after that it, she was not longer seen in the novel, the last scene of the chapter was Yoshino and Yoshinon talking about the episode.


  • Although she belongs to another universe within the anime, she made ​​an impact outside the universe of the novel and achieved the real world, she affected the mind of Tohka that gave her the idea that Shido was cheating on her with Origami, making Tohka behave like heroin novel, Shido as the husband and Origami as the Woman.                                                               



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