The Wolfen (sometimes spelled Wolfun) were the Henchmen of Brazul and the main enemies of Kya:The Dark Lineage.



As their name suggest, they appear anthropomorphically lupine, though some breeds appear more like werewolves than simple wolves on two legs. The Scrawny is the most common type of their kind and the most physically unimpressive.

Their eyes are red, yellow or green colors, red seen in the Grunts and Kronos' while green can be found on the Scrawny. It is unknown what determines what kind of Wolfen a Nativ will be when they transform. Wolfen have claws and sharp fangs, scruffy tails, and are pelted light gray, dark gray, bluish-gray and black colors. They wear various types of clothing, from near-full body gauze to leather. The clothing is almost always ripped or torn.


Sans the Kronos breed, Wolfen aren't intelligent beast. They can be easily outsmarted, outmaneuvered, and out-muscled in a fight. However, they are smart enough to efficiently carry out Brazil's plans. The Kronos wolfen is the smartest of it's brethren by a landslide and therefore the most dangerous.

Types Edit


The most common and varied Wolfen, Scrawnies are physically unimpressive and one can easily be overcome by Kya. Even in groups, they cannot coordinate well. They are arguably the most unintelligent of them all.


Grunts are larger and more seldom seen than Scrawnies. They can block bare-handed and deal fair damage. They pose a threat to unseasoned players.


The Kronos is the smartest and most dangerous of the Wolfen. They are also the rarest and do the most damage as well as taking the longest to defeat.

Role in the GameEdit

Wolfen are the main enemies in the game, serving as both opponents and assets to the player. The more Wolfen that are defeated and exorcized, the more shops open at Nativ city, meaning the player can buy more things for their quest.