Wodan ymir
I am Wodan, Wodan Ymir! The Sword of Magus!
~ His usual introduction

Wodan Ymir is an antagonist of Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, serving under Shadow-Mirror. He is the 15th of the W-Series of Bioroids and is based on one of EFA's strongest pilots Sanger Zonvolt. He pilots the Thrudgelmir and proclaims himself "The Sword of Magus", based on Sanger's proclamation of being "The Sword that Cleaves/Smites Evil".

He is based on the version of Sanger that debuted in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.


In an unspecificied timeline in the Shadow Mirror universe, Sanger Zonvolt was killed in action. His corpse was brought to the Shadow-Mirror and Lemon Browning rebuilt his corpse into W15, eventually named Wodan Ymir.

After the Shadow Mirror made their jump to the OG universe, Wodan was linked to the supercomputer Magus (which had the scientist Sophia Nate plugged into the core), furthering his combat abilities, but also granting him deep conviction to the computer, swearing to protect it at all costs.

The first time Wodan sortied with the Thrudgelmir shocked the whole EFA. Wodan's mannerisms remind them of Sanger Zonvolt, and thought he has once again defected like he did before to the Divine Crusaders. However, their second encounter shed away those doubts, as Sanger himself personally came to fight. Seeing his origin rekindled Wodan's thirst for battle and claim his existence as the only Sanger, and thus their rivalry began.

Wodan held Sanger in such a high opinion, as a most worthy opponent. During the assault to reclaim the Tesla Leicht Institute from the Inspectors, against his orders, Wodan appeared to reinforce Sanger and defended him until his new mecha Dygenguard was ready. His belief was that he was the only one allowed to defeat Sanger, until their final duel, no one was allowed to die between those two.

Their final duel took place at the Earth Cradle, where Magus was located. Wodan and Sanger had a climatic battle that eventually dragged them to the depths of the Earth Cradle itself. Wodan eventually declared Sanger the winner as he saw his conviction to protect the soul within Magus, Sophia. Entrusting her safety to Sanger, Wodan performed one last heroic act: He killed the whole Machinery Children and its creator Egret Feff by self-destructing the Thrudgelmir, or using the final attack of Thrudgelmir: Zankantou Hoshinagi no Tachi, whereas once the deed was done, the Thrudgelmir was destroyed along with Wodan due to the immense stress put upon the machine.


  • Wodan's predecessor, Gymnos Basileus/W05, served as the final boss of Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier EXCEED.