Plot from his first appearance in Atom #6: The magician Wizardo the Great has created a new magic trick, which utilizes a "space man" (Peter Venner) "traveling around the world" in a giant globe. Essentially a glorified disappearing act, however things turn for the worse when Venner is accused of robbing the bank next door during the time he "disappeared" during the magic trick.

Getting involved as the Atom, Ray Palmer learns that it's really Howard Crane, owner of the theater and former quick change artist who used the trick to frame Venner for his crimes. However, before they can arrest Crane, Crane makes a run for the post office (as his sachet full of loot was rigged to change into a package which he was mailing to himself) there the Atom knocks out Crane and finds the evidence that proves that Cane is responsible for the crime.