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The Wizard of Light of is a villain from the DC franchise.


The Wizard of Light, originally known as Dr. Drago, is a scientist. When a dam collapses near his lab. Robby Reed in a hero form saves him however toxic gas that is in his lab poisons his hero form so he can't transform into him anymore. Later Robby finds two giant monsters and fights them only to realize that the Wizard of Light an his gang created monster illusions as a distrction to steal a pearl necklace. Robby Reed fights him and gets the necklace back however Drago uses his light gun to blind him and he gets away. Robby in yet another hero form later finds him and his gang trying to rob an armored truck and they fight. Drago tried using the gas on him again but he managed to escape it and captured Drago and revealed his identity.


The Wizard of Light has many light based gadgets such as a light gun. He can also create illisions.

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