The Evil Wizard (Skull & Crossbones)

The Wizard aka the Evil Wizard.

The Wizard (also known as the Evil Wizard) is the main antagonist of the arcade video-game Skull and Crossbones - which concerns the efforts of the pirate One Eye to rescue a princess who has been captured by the Wizard for unknown reasons.


The Wizard acts like a stereotypical Silent Film era villain, cackling and tormenting his female victim while also placing many traps for the would-be-hero across various levels.

Ultimately the Wizard is killed by One Eye and the princess is saved, the two proceed to celebrate by hosting a dance party aboard One Eye's ship.

Powers and Abilities

As a Wizard (as his name implies), he also has magical powers sufficient to paralyze One Eye and can also take on many different forms, each boss in the game is actually just the Wizard in a different guise.