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Witches Mass

A Meeting of Witches

The witches are a group of immensely powerful female beings in the anime and manga Soul Eater. Although not all the witches are villainous, they have naturally destructive tendencies. One of the witches, Kim Deihl, is the friend of the protagonists and is considered a hero, but she seems to be the only witch that is able to control the destructive powers and use regenerative magic.

Each witch or witch family has a specific animal theme.

Notable witches

  • Mabaa, the leader of the witches.
  • Eruka Frog, a frog-witch who specializes in explosives.
  • Medusa Gorgon, a snake-witch and the first main villain of the series. She is Crona's mother.
  • Arachne Gorgon, a spider-witch who runs a cult called Arachnophobea. She is Medusa's sister, but is not afiliated with her or with the main witch group.
  • Mizune, a family of mouse-witches. Six of them appear in the series, and they are capable of combining into a single form.
  • Angela Leon, a young witch with a samurai bodyguard. She is a minor character, and does not qualify as a villain.

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