I will tear you to shreds!
~ The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen (in Japanese:「鬼婆」; Onibaba; lit. "demon grandma") is a demonic witch and she is both a boss and a minor villain in Okamiden, sequel of the supernatural action-adventure videogame Okami.


The Witch Queen is a demon with a large demon head, has a bone in her hair, and carries 2 bloody cleavers and a skull-shaped pipe.


The Witch Queen is the owner of the Demon Market. Chibi and his partner, Kuni had to go in there disquised as demons. When their covers were blown, The Witch Queen steps in and fights them. She fights them with two bloody clevers, can shoot fire and summon minions to help her. After she's defeated she retreats so she can live.


  • Her name sometimes spelled "Witch-Queen" (魔女の女王 Majo no joō).
  • The Witch Queen is the only boss in Okamiden that does not die, but is knocked out after the second visit.
    • She is also one of 3 bosses in Okamiden (along with Asteroidean and Mizuchi) who is not brought back in the Dark Realm by Akuro, because they were not created when Amaterasu destroyed Yami in the end of Ōkami.
  • On the message board in the Onibi Market, it is stated that some demons believe her to be the source of the numerous tremors that have shaken the market recently. This is however not confirmed anywhere else and could thus only be speculation on the demon's part.
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