The Aldous Witch , also known as the "Witch Doctor", was an instructor at the Hero Factory, educating a rookie Heroes in the subjects of astronomy and architectural geology. However, he secretly coveted the Hero Cores that the Heroes wear, though he unable to wear and banish off the planet for attempting to trying power himself with a Hero Core. Later, finding a mysterious Skull on the restricted planet, Quatros. He later becomes "Witch Doctor" and made his own Skull Staff to control Quatros' wildlife, turning them into minions and taking all the Quaza from the planet core.


Desiring to possess a Quaza Core, he tried install on into his body and charged in himself with it, until his student Preston Stormer stopped him and he was banish off the planet.

He went to Quatros and searching for more Quaza Stones, he made a interesting find and transform into " Witch Doctor" from the mysterious Skull. After making his Skull Staff and Quaza Spikes, he implanted on Quatros' wildlife and forcing to do his evil deeds.

Witch Doctor's minions

They are controlled by the Witch Doctor and forced to help to get all the planet Quaza.

  • Fangz : Two Fangz (controlled by Witch Doctor, freed by Stringer and Bulk.)
  • Raw-Jaw : Freed by Stringer.
  • Scorpio : Freed by Furno.
  • Waspix : Freed by Stringer.

Abillties and Traits

As Aldous Witch, he well-manner and intelligent in astronomy and architectual geology.

Witch Doctor with increasing in size and strenght, more powerful and faster than any Heroes. He is a ruthless tyrant to Quatros' animals and enslaving them resulting them to have a more aggressive behavior than they aren't.


  • the largest Hero Factory character set released so far.