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The Witch-Doctor takes the role of the main antagonist in the gruesome horror movie, Night Drive, though he works through the actions of the poachers - whom he employs to stalk and capture human "prey" for use in his homicidal rituals.

A practictioner of black magic the Witch-Doctor believes that human body parts have various powers and is especially fond of mutilating his victims while they are still alive - cutting off male genitalia and women's breasts being his trademark.

He also keeps many trophies in his lair and seems to use almost every part of a human's body in some manner, presumably most victims are alive as he harvests these organs - though many obviously die of shock or go insane due to the horrific costume he wore (which made him appear like a monster).

The Witch-Doctor's weapon of choice was a large machete and it was presumably part of his magical ceremonies.