Wisely, also known as Demon Eye is the 5th disciple of the Noah Family, representing Noah's "Wisdom". The name of his reincarnated form is unknown.


Wisley,the wisdom of Noah


Prior to his transformation, Wisely's hair was brown. However currently, he is known for his snow white hair and five eyes: his two normal ones and three extra, the extra eyes running in a line along his forehead and forming from his stigmata (in general the stigmata is place in front of all disciples of Noah Family,but Wisley don't have them). The rest are hidden by the extra long scarf that he wears over the top of his forehead, as a Noah he have dark skin.


Wisely, like all Noah, has an instinctual hatred of all Innocence and Exorcists. In addition to that, though, Wisely, while being a bit sadistic, has also been shown to be a bit aloof and lazy, displaying a lack of desire to be part of the battlefield and simply responding when Sheril calls out for his help that he's "not a fighter". Wisely seems to almost be constantly reading the minds of others, frequently holding one-sided conversations with them after reading whatever their train of thought was at the moment, and while he claims to "respect the privacy" of his fellow Noah and doesn't read their minds, Tyki has made it very clear that he is a liar and he will just read the minds of mostly everyone.

Powers and abilities

As all Noah, he present the basics powers of all familiars members, but as the wisdom of Noah he posses the Demons Eye that give to him the ability to read people's minds and "crush" their heads.He can also project memories and other images into people for observation.


Wisely's previous Noah incarnation was killed thirty-five years ago by Nea Walker, and the damage Nea caused to Wisely's Noah memory was so violent it took Wisely's Noah the full thirty-five years to recover and reincarnate.Wisely's current human form was that of a young hobo who lived in London, England, and he was adopted by Sheril and Tricia Kamelot.