Wire Mask is the third of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Wire Mask was the last of Temujin's supporters during the campaign in controlling the Atlantis airship. Flying the ship for his leader, he was to be a decoy for the Gorenger to attempt to attack thinking that it possessed the hydrogen bomb to sink Japan (like the previous scheme with Gear Mask), only to prevent the knowledge that it was in a tunnel that would connect directly to a volcano to begin the sinking operation with the real hydrogen bomb. Peggy and Kenji initially fall for the scheme, attacking the decoy before being struck and thrown off Atlantis by Wire Mask. When the scientist investigating Atlantis tries to find them, Wire Mask sets him up with a transciever and a bomb to destroy the Gorenger's secret base; after he fails, they attempt to assassinate him but the Gorenger take him to an EAGLE base to recover.

Following the scientist's lead, the Gorenger pursue Wire Mask to the tunnel where the real hydrogen bomb laid. Kenji attacks Wire Mask hitting him with his Midorang getting his revenge and forcing Wire Mask to flee to the Atlantis airship. While Peggy works to defuse the bomb, Shinmei and Asuka use Variblune's grappling hook to hold down Atlantis with weight to prevent any further movement. When the Gorenger reunite, they use a mid-air Gorenger Storm; the attack not only destroys Wire Mask but has enough force to finally destroy the airship forever.

Modus and Arsenal

His main weapon was a staff which fired a barrage of wires from the top tip.