Behold, it is I! Winslow the 38th! I'm big, I'm blue, and I'm bad!


Winslow the 38th, also known as Future Winslow and Big Winslow, is the main antagonist of the CatDog episode "CatDog 3001".


Winslow the 38th is a descendant of Winslow. He first appears demanding the residents of Nearburg to kneel before him. In his tower, he tickles his prisoners and eats a servant. Clifferata, Shriekahoora, and Lube Kanoobee tells Winslow that they found the location of the rebel headquarters. When Cat tells his friends that he must to go back in time to prevent insulting Winslow, Winslow the 38th attacks the headquarters and destroys the time machine. He pursues Dog and shoots him down. He threatens to destroy the rebellion and insults Cat while Dog loses consciousness. Cat uses Dog as a vacuum to suck in Winslow the 38th and his troops. Winslow the 38th is last seen in a cage and is tied up in ropes and gags.