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Behold, it is I! Winslow the 38th! I'm big, I'm blue, and I'm bad!


Winslow the 38th, also known as Future Winslow and Big Winslow, is the main antagonist of the CatDog episode CatDog 3001/Future CatDog.


Winslow the 38th is the 38th descendant of Winslow in 1000 years and the result of his ancestor's embarrassing act by Cat to exercise for 1000 years, in which his sucessors follow the same thing to become an all-powerful being. He is a large muscular blue mouse with a mohawk, mustache, purple pants, violet cape, and black shoes. He sits in a floating chair that can shoot donuts. He is the ruler of a future Nearburg that is severely affected by his rule. His henchmen are descendants of the Greaser Dogs. His enemies are CatDog and the descendants of their friends.


  • He is often confused to be an evil Winslow in the future, even though he is a descendant of him.

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