Winnie Woodpecker is a recurring protagonist and antagonist in many episodes. She is the girlfriend of Woody Woodpecker, which in turn shares the same selfish behavior and abuse of her boyfriend while often proves to be more perverse and annoying than Woody.

Villainous Acts

  • International Woodpecker - A French ancestor of Winnie spanks and assault the French ancestor of Woody while trying to woo her.
  • Medical Winnie Pig - Dr. Nutts chooses Winnie to be the guinea pig cloning test, but Winnie has just tormented the doctor about to let him play bandaged, electrocuted, crushed and beaten by a cat. In the end, Winnie enters the cloning machine and makes numerous clones of herself that end up leaving the doctor crazed.
  • Everbody's a Critic - Winnie works in a restaurant whose clients are Meany (as a food critic disguised) and Wally Waurus. Winnie thinks the Wally is the food critic and abuses Meany entire episode to please Wally. In the end, she drops a soup bowl full of salt on top of Wally making it swell enough because of his allergy to salt. When she discovers that Wally was not the real critic she violently banishes out Wally of your restaurant using a hose.
  • Take my Close-up Mr. Walrus - Winnie decides to take a test to be an actress in Wally Waurus's movies. When she arrives at the studio begins to torment Wally, she begins tests trampling Wally twice with a train and making him smash against the backdrop leaving bandaged. Winnie the end ruins the movie Wally and still manages to hold his position as a director making Wally be demoted to an ordinary actor.
  • Kitchen Magician - Winnie torment Waurus, ruins the cake recipe that Wally was doing to the queen and occupies his position as a royal cook making Wally be demoted to a kitchen aid.
  • Queen of de Nile - Winnie disrupts archaeologists studies Wally to find the pyramid of Pharaoh Jester. When they enter the pyramid she lets Wally being attacked by all the trappings of the pyramid.
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