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Winky Goodyshoes is the main antagonist of the Spidey Super Stories segment "Who Stole the Show?" from the 1970's Electric Company series. A former child star named Winky Goodyshoes (Hattie Winston) bemoans her inability to find suitable work. Later, she steals the props and costumes from an auditorium where a dress rehearsal is in progress. Spidey catches Winky before she can literally move the show too far off-Broadway. However, the cast remembers the former child star and they offer her a chance to star in the show as the villain. This sketch features a flashback scene of the villain's childhood, with Short Circus member Réjane Magloire making a cameo appearance as the young Winky.

Spidey Super Stories Who Stole the Show03:42

Spidey Super Stories Who Stole the Show

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