Beast Sun

The Winged Beast is a tertiary antagonist in the 2009 film 9. It is one of the three machines specifically designed by the B.R.A.I.N. to hunt down and kill 9 and the other Stitchpunks, the others were the Cat Beast and the Seamstress. It resembles a pterosaur, using a tarp or a flag for its wings, and has a mouth that consists of knives, razors, and other similar sharp objects. It also has a harpoon launcher on its tail to snag its victims and a fan that helps it fly.

The Winged Beast was created by the B.R.A.I.N. shortly after it revives from its slumber to find the Stitchpunks so it can absorb their souls. The Winged Beast finds the Stichpunks hiding in the sanctuary and destroys it. After a chase with the fleeing Stichpunks, the Winged Beast is tricked into getting its harpoon cut off and the cable to get stuck into a plane propeller, which 5 and 6 activate. The Winged Beast grabs on to 1's cape in support. 1 refused to let his cape go, but managed to do so, causing the Winged Beast to be shredded by the propeller.