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Winchester Wolf

Winchester Wolf

Winchester Wolf
is an evil anthromorphic wolf character and a villain in The Real Ghostbusters. He is the archenemy of Doopey Dog, created by famous animator Walt Fleischman.


Winchester Wolf is a large, slender, muscular brown wolf with a white muzzle, pink nose, yellow eyes, blue and red cape, and blue gloves.


Walt Fleischman soon added new characters to his cartoon world. Among them was Winchester Wolf. Wolf was evil and became too powerful to control. Winchester Wolf held Fleischman prisoner and had him tortured in a manner similar to slapstick comedy for many decades primarily to pay back Walt for torturing his own creations. He was eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Dopey Dog, the Ghostbusters, and all of Walt Fleischman's cartoon creations.


  • Winchester Wolf is possibly a reference to the Disney villain Pete.
  • He was voiced by Frank Welker.

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