If you've got an ass, I'll kick it!
~ Wimp Lo
Wimp lo

"I'm bleeding, making me the victor."

Wimp Lo is the secondary antagonist of the film, Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. He is a student at the Crane School, where the Chosen One trains to defeat Master Pain (a.k.a. Betty). Wimp Lo is jealous of the chosen one and deems him an enemy. He challenges the Chosen One to fight him. However, as Wimp Lo is an idiot who was purposely trained wrong as a joke, he uses such techniques as "face to foot style," and "my nuts to your fist style," and is easily defeated. However, as a result of his training, he believes that he has actually won the match, declaring that "I'm bleeding, making me the victor." Later, Wimp Lo runs away from some of Betty's men (leading them into a "trap"), and is killed by an iron claw.