Willie Wumpa Cheeks is the hidden main antagonist of Crash Tag Team Racing. He was the mascot of Ebenezer Von Clutch's theme park Von Clutch's Motor World. His head is a gigantic Wumpa Fruit with a Wumpa Pumpa for a nose, from which the Wumpa Whip he produces comes from. He often speaks in limericks and rhymes, which proves to disturb many people, particularly Doctor Cortex and Stew.
Willie whumpa cheeks

Later in the game, it is revealed that Willie is the one responsible for stealing the Power Gems from the park and Von Clutch's Black Power Gem. He admits to the crime out of sheer frustration of the other characters' less-than-intelligent accusation of Crash for the theft of the Gems, given that the one (and most obvious) piece of evidence points to Willie. He bounds off to Astro Land and attempts to blast off in a rocket, but is thwarted when Crash aborts the launch. Willie is then pulled out of the rocket by Crunch, but before Willie can be interrogated on the location of the Black Power Gem, he is liquified by a shot from Doctor Cortex's battlecraft.